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Featured Releases

    Featured Releases
  • Trax 9 – Future beats

    It’s the result of more than 2 years of collaboration with Pschent label for introducing new genre, artists and music. Last TRAX 8 compilation was about Vaporware the new one, number 9 is all about Future Beats. Selected both by Trax team and Pschent Music, this collection is totally dedicated to the discover of emerging […]
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  • Asiadeep – Compilation

    Pschent Has decided to show love for the vibrant and diverse music Scenes in Asia, by picking some of the talents that have come to our attention. This is a first compilation designed as a demonstrating Asia’s artistic vitality and diversity. From its rising new generation of artists. In return for the love and loyalty […]
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  • TRAX 8 – Vaporwave

    The TRAX digital compilation collection is dedicated to new talents & new music discovery, Curated  & selected by Eric Pajot the goal of these compilations is to bring on the front of the electronic music scene what the new millenium digital world bring of the most exciting and creative. Here for this 8 th compilation, we gonna […]
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  • Eyjafjöll – My Mind Your Landscape (EP)

    Eyjafjöll is an electronic and acoustic music project based in Rennes, France. Eyjafjöll offers an indie electronic sound, dark and shadowed. Explosive beats, decadent synths and bass from beyond the grave will make you trip from amazon rainforest swamps to andalusian gypsy caves, from lost armenian valleys to Detroit’s hangars, from Berlin clubs sticking your […]
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  • After House 2 mixed by Dj Freddy

      Freddy comes from the second dj’s génération of 90’s. He starts in Queen club Paris, when he was revealed by David Guetta (art director). After that he discoved lots of famous Parisians clubs : Les Bains Douches, L’Enfer, Rex Club, Scream Party witch he’s productor of the famous compilations calling “Scream”. His first Raff’n’Freddy […]
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